Just A Closer Walk CD
Just A Closer Walk CD
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Christ Community Church

First Presbyterian
Church of Cohutta

McGaughey's Chapel United Methodist Church

Mineral Springs United Methodist Church

Smith Chapel United Methodist Church
Christ Community Church located in curve at 880 W. Walnut Avenue in Dalton, GA 30720 is a newer church compared to the others that we recorded in. Although built in the 1977 by the congregation of Fellowship Bible Church, the building plans are more than a century old. Christ Community Church is an exact copy of Christ Episcopal Church in Rugby, TN constructed in 1887. Fellowship Bible Church moved to their present location on Dug Gap Road in 1999 and the building was sold to Christ Community Church.

The wonderful acoustics of the sanctuary with its wood covered walls and ceiling were captured faithfully on our recordings of Just A Closer Walk With Thee and Leaning On The Everlasting Arms composed by A. J. Showalter and Elisha Hoffman originally published in 1887. In 1884, A. J. Showalter formed the Showalter Music Company of Dalton, Georgia and began publishing several music books on theory, harmony and composition which were widely used in singing schools across the South.
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